Penang Cheshire Agoonoree

The first Penang Cheshire Agoonoree was inspired by the leaders who attend the “APR Workshop on Working with Youth with Special Needs” in 2006. The Agoonoree das become an annual event organised by the Penang Cheshire Home. Besides the participation from the Special Scouts in State of Penang, it was also extend to include Special Scouts from the Northern Region. Since 2008, the Agoonoree hasn’t been held in the Penang State itself but also included camping in other states to widen their knowledge and for them to gain experience. The main goals of the Penang Cheshire Agoonoree are:

  • Develop people with special needs to physically, spiritual and mentally to give them a constructive role in society
  • Give those with special needs an opportunity to participate in the Scouting Movements
  • Encourage people with special needs to socialize

If you want to read more about our latest Agoonoree, please visit The Star.

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