The Penang Cheshire Home was established in 1978 by Toh Puan Datuk Hajjah Sadiah Sardon (Consort of Tun Hj. Sardon Jubir, the then Governor of Penang) together with a group of volunteers, with the noble aim of housing the physically handicapped. Over the years, the Home became synonymous with the rehabilitation of the disabled.

The Home began in a humble way. Donations from a generous public enabled a wing of the former Po Leung Kuk Home to be renovated and refurbished to house the pioneer batch of six residents.

As the years passed by, the Home steadily grew in stature and structure until it is now fully operational with a large hall which doubles as a refectory cum recreation room, a work area, dormitories, an office, a kitchen and a storeroom. A physiotherapy room and a clinic complete the setup.The ground floor of the double storey Training Centre Block houses a conference room which can be rented out to the public to generate funds. Upstairs are hostel facilities for visitors and members of other Cheshire Homes.

The Administrator and his staff see to the day-to-day operations of the Home, with support from a Management Committee.
The Home aims to help the physically disabled adjust to life by training them to become independent and to be able to take their rightful place in society among their able-bodied brethren, with dignity.

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Both male and female applicants, aged 12 – 45, are admitted on the recommendation of the Home’s doctors. A minimum fee of RM100.00 per month per resident is payable. Day residents are also welcome and they each contribute RM50.00 monthly.

The Home also provides aid for needy ex-residents on a monthly basis. This includes essential items such as rice and sugar, and educational aid for their children, at RM50.00 for a primary school student and RM100.00 for a secondary school student. Furthermore, respite care is given to disabled people who may need temporary accommodation and other support.

In relaxed, homely surroundings, the residents specialize in making handicraft of their choice, which are sold both inside as well as outside the Home. This scheme enhances their self-esteem and self-worth. Furthermore, to help integrate them into society, jobs are sourced for them in factories and sheltered work places.

As for recreation and for maintaining a dynamic link with the outside world, the Cheshire Home Scout Troop was established with the specific aim of preparing the residents to become well-adjusted and useful citizens. Refreshing and motivational activities are planned for these “special scouts” (official terminology) enabling them to interact with regular scouts from schools. These include kite-flying, sandcastle-building, canoeing, backwoodsman cooking, flying-foxing, paint-balling and camping. This comprehensive scouting programme has thus far taken our special scouts to beaches, hill resorts and agoonorees (jamborees for special scouts) both locally as well as in other states and faraway countries.

A very meaningful pathway into community involvement is by way of our Foster Parents Scheme whereby an individual or a corporate citizen “adopts” a resident by contributing RM360.00 per annum. A Foster Parents Day is held annually to formally acknowledge and celebrate the caring and generous spirit of the Foster Parents. Moreover, should you wish to take your adopted child for an outing or to celebrate a happy occasion with the residents, you are most welcome.

As our Home is a voluntary organization, we gladly welcome any form of support or donation in cash or kind. Furthermore, should you have some time to spare, you are most welcome to serve as a volunteer worker in our common effort to rehabilitate the residents and to enrich their lives.

The Penang Cheshire Home is a registered charity organisation and all cash donations are tax-exempt.