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12th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2017 (26-30 May 2017)

Friday 26th May 2017

Today is the first day of the agoonoree, Scouts from SMK Jalan Damai and other volunteers set up camp and were briefed on the rules and regulations of the camp. They were also shown how to handle the wheelchair.  

Saturday 27th May 2017

The residents of Cheshire Home were up bright and early, packed and ready to go. They travelled across town to Penang Water Sport  Recreation Centre, Tanjong Bungah, Penang.  This was to be their home for the next four days.

They arrived to a great welcome by the scouts from SMK Jalan Damai. The scouts helped them unload the bus and afterwards each resident was allotted their own scout who would help them throughout the weekend. Breakfast was served by the scouts and slowly friendships were being made.

The first morning was spent doing crafts and playing indoor games. The games played were Jenga, checkers, ball flip, painting hearts and shoe decoration. Jenga was easily the most noisy with whoops of laughter and screams of delight each time the timer fell. Many colourful hearts were painted and faces drawn on the shoes. The room was full of fun and laughter.

Lunch was served after which the residents had a siesta while the scouts cut bamboo ready for “bamboo rice”. Some of the brave residents joined in using the parang and saw to cut the bamboo. The scouts then set about making bonfires to cook chicken Kebabs and whole onions with an egg inside. Once cooked the food was quickly consumed.

After dinner, residents spent the evening relaxing while the scouts were pit through their paces by their scout leader.


Sunday 28th May 2017

We woke Sunday morning to cloudy weather but no rain! We had a leisurely breakfast and everyone prepared themselves for the opening ceremony. The Scouts from SMK Jalan Damai wore their uniforms and looked very smart. Some of the residents wore their Scouts uniform and they too look smart and proud.

The opening ceremony started with   Penang Cheshire Home’s Secretary, Mr. Ong Ghee Thuan  giving his welcoming  speech and YB Yap Soo Huey who is State Assemblyman for  Pulau Tikus. giving a congratulatory speech on the Angonoree reaching its 12th birthday and a cake was cut. Her speech was warmly received.  In attendance was Mr. Oi Siou Hean  who is the District Commissioner of George Town South Scouts 

After the speeches were finished we had games in the field. The VIP’s joined us. There were stations for basketball, skittles, hoopla, blowpipe darts, bubbles and hockey. The residents with their scout broke into six groups and went round the stations. Laughter and screams of joy could be heard throughout the field. By far the most popular was the bubble station. Residents, scouts and VIP’s managed to create bubbles that drifted across the field. This certainly brought out the child in us all!

Once everyone had had a chance to go round each station we had a tug of war. The scouts joined in with gusto. The two sides being cheered on by the residents. Then we all joined in with the wheelchairs being held by the scouts. The VIP’s also decided to join them.

When we were all exhausted by our efforts we stopped for lunch. After lunch some of the residents were taken out in the canoes, in the bay, by members of the Watersports Group. Those that decided not to go canoeing played games like Uno and dominoes. During this time some of the scouts prepared the BBQ pits and the bonfire for the evening.

When we had finished the canoeing and games, the residents were split into three groups and were taken to separate part of the field so that they could learn their songs that they would be singing around the bonfire later in the evening.

The next event before our bonfire evening was a demonstration by the Bomba. A barrel of water and petrol was set ablaze and some of the residents had a chance to extinguish it with the powder extinguishers. The Bomba taught them the correct way to hold the extinguisher and how to put the fire out.

By this time the sun had begun to set so we took our places around the campfire for the lighting ceremony. Then each group performed their songs which included the “Birdy Song”. Later in the evening we all enjoyed the BBQ food. Then it was off to bed.

Monday  29th May 2017

On Monday we were all up early excited about our bus trip. After breakfast  we were split into three groups and given coloured name tags. Each group had a bus and one of the scouts was made responsible to his group got on the bus and no one was left behind.

We headed off first to My Crystal Museum, the World’s largest Natural Crystal Museum. This was a fascinating place. We learnt that all the crystal they have on display is from Kedah Malaysia. Some of the pieces reminded you of bears, actopus and human figures.

We then headed for Komtar Tech Dome for lunch and spent the afternoon. The Tech Dome was amazing. We used all the interactive Science displays and screens. This was especially good for the residents who were in wheelchairs. Just by waving their hands they could alter the display on the screens.

We also watched a robot demonstration. The little robot called NAO spoke to us and danced. One of his dances was Gangnam Style. This was well received by one of our residents who jumped up in excitement and proceeded to dance along with him. Once we were finished with the displays some of the scouts and staff members decided to have a go on The G drop slide, and the scouts had a competition on the wall climb. After such a long day we headed back to camp for a quiet evening.

Tuesday 30th May 2017

Today being our last day at the camp we were up early to pack and get ready to leave. After breakfast our buses arrived and travelled again into Georgetown. This time we headed for Fort Cornwallis. We wandered around imaging what it was like in the time of Captain Light. The dungeons were a particular amusement to the scouts. Once we were finished there, we got back on the bus to get to Masjid Kapitan Keling. We were met by the RELA who stayed with us for the rest of the day helping us cross the roads and along the roads. At the mosque we were met by a guide who explained the principles of Islam prayers and some of the meanings. We found it very informative and the guide more than happy to answer our questions. It was a very welcoming experience. The architecture of the mosque is most beautiful.

From there we walked along the road to Goddess of Mercy Temple. The residents and scouts were able to offer up their prayers.

After this we crossed the road and walked to the Chung Shan Wooi Koon. This is a Cantonese district association and has a statue of Dr Sun Yat Sen. Here we had lunch. Once lunch was finished, we walked through to Armenian Street and to the Masjid Aceh to view the surrounding architecture. We then walked to the Khoo Kongsi where we enjoyed the ornate building. After this we finished our trip by visiting Poh Hock Seah Temple. The scouts then walked them up and down Armenian Street to see the street art. Our buses arrived and we boarded and they drove us back to the home.

The last four days have been action packed and immense fun. The scouts worked so hard and the residents thoroughly enjoyed every minute. All the hard work put in by the Cheshire Home staff and Committee members has been so worth it. Just seeing the happy faces of the residents is such a pay back.



11th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2016

Photos taken during 11th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2016

10th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2015

Various pictures taken during the 10th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2015

More pictures from 10th Penang Scout Agoonoree 2015

8th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree 2013

The 8th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree was held on 23 - 25 March 2013, at The Penang Water Sports Centre, Tanjong Bungah. The participants comprised 33 special scouts from Penang Cheshire Home, School for Mentally Retarded Children and Penang Cerebral Palsy (Spastics) Children's Association. 33 regular scouts from SMK Jalan Damai, Penang, and 15 volunteers from Penang Cheshire Home, School for Mentally Retarded Children and Penang Cerebral Palsy (Spastics) Children's Association volunteered their services and made this agoonoree a success.

Opening Ceremony
Dato' Seri Khoo Keat Siew, the President of Penang Cheshire Home, welcomed the scouts and guests. YB Koay Teng Hai, ADUN Pulau Tikus, then declared the Agoonoree open. Also present was Mr. Oi Siou Hean, the Scouts District Commissioner of Georgetown South.

Day 1
It was a fun day at the campsite. The main activity for the day was canoeing. Each year the participants looked forward to this activity with eagerness and anticipation. In their viewpoint, canoeing was an Xtreme sport, a challenge. The participants were wheeled down the beach to the canoes. The helpers then seated them comfortably in the cockpits. The volunteer scouts paddled the canoes around the bay. The participants were elated as the canoes sliced through the water and the breeze blew in their faces.

The venue which was by the sea proved to be the perfect place for the kite-flying activity. With some help and coaching form the helpers, the participants had the experience of flying the beautifully coloured kites. The steady sea breeze aided in lifting and keeping the kites in the air.

A "country fair" gaiety was added to the gathering when several participants let off rainbow-hued soap bubbles which were carried aloft by the breeze. Some of them even managed to produce bubbles that were as big as coconuts ! A competitive mood arose when the participants challenged each other at the make-shift mini bowling alley and at the getting-the-most-number-of-balls-into-the-basket venue within a limited time frame. The participants also had a game of badminton. Of course, rules of the game were improvised to let them have more fun.

Each participants was given an opportunity to use their creativity to cook an egg in a mess tin over a fuel tablet fire. The participants seemed to relish their their own cooking even though there was no pepper or sauce to go with eggs.

After being in the hot sun, the participants could choose to relax in the shade playing board games or playing tops. The top spinning competition saw the participants try to get their tops to spin for as long as possible. Some were seen trying to score as many points as possible at the dart game.

It was campfire time at night. The participants had a great time dancing and being entertained by the regular scouts.

Day 2
This was an outing day. We spent the morning at Penang Butterfly Farm. The participants had a enjoyable time seeing the butterflies up close and watching the cartoons. Some were excited at the sight of the butterflies resting on their friend's fingers.

The next stop was Penang Hill. Here the participants got to take a ride on the new funicular train up Penang Hill where they stayed for a night. At the top of the hill, they were taken on a buggy to their first stop which was the Monkey Cup Garden. Here they got to see the different species of monkey cup and the opportunity to let the scorpions and centipedes crawl on their arms. Then they visited the Owl Museum where they got to see "a fascinating collection of over 1,000 rare and exotic, owl-inspired artifacts" before checking in at the Bellevue Hotel.

At Bellevue Hotel, the participants spent their free time before dinner visiting the Aviary Garden. The participants tried to coax the parrots to talk their attempts were futile as none of the parrots were trained to talk. The participants became excited when a peacock opened its feathers.

After dinner, the participants gathered at the garden for the craft session. While enjoying the cool air and the panoramic view of Georgetown , the particpants fashioned a pair of slippers from the materials supplied to them.

Day 3
After breakfast, the participants and volunteers were presented with certificates and mementos. This marked the end of the 8th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree.


It had been a wonderful and nostalgic experience for the participants as most of them had never been to Penang Hill. However, it was quite disappointing that the food arcade was not totally OKU friendly as one had to go down a flight of stairs to get to the drink stalls. It would be helpful if the municipal council could look into this matter.

2nd day of Agoonoree 2013
Partial 2nd day activities and 3rd day (last day) of Agoonoree 2013 - Home Sweet Home


7th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree 2012


The 7th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree was held from 26th to 30th May, 2012 at Pulau Langkawi. Below are some of our collections of photographs for the event.


6th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree 2011

The 6th Penang Cheshire agoonoree was held on 28 - 30 May 2011, at The Penang Water Sports Recreation Centre, Tanjong Bungah. The participants comprised 51 Special Scouts from Penang Cheshire Home, Penang Cerebral Palsy (Spastics) Children Association and the School for the mentally Retarded Children in Jalan Dato Keramat. Twenty-nine regular Scouts from SMK Jalan Damai, Penang, volunteered their services in helping the Special Scouts carry out the activities. The theme for this year was "We Can" - to let others know that Special Scouts could perform like ordinary people when participating in Scouting activities, such as camping, cooking and canoeing.

YB Koay Teng Hai, ADUN Pulau Tikus, declared the Agoonoree open after Dato' Seri Khoo Keat Siew, the President of Penang Cheshire Home, welcomed the scouts and guests. Also present was Mdm Khoo Poh Sen, the representative of the Penang State Scout Commissioner.

During the Agoonoree, the participants tried their hands at outdoor activities such as top-spinning, kim's game, bubble-making, bowling, tug-of-war, badminton, and shooting balls into hoops. Some participants visited a New Zealand War Ship at Swettenham Pier. The canoeing session was the highlight of the day. At night, the participants displayed their creativity by making a bag each.

On the second day, the participants toured the mainland. At the Penang Bird Park, there was intense excitement when they fed the fishes and when the birds pecked the food out of their outstretched hands. They were also mesmerized by the performance during the avian show-time.

After a photo-session with the stars of the bird show, the participants were ushered into the cafeteria to be served with fried rice sponsored by the Lions Club of Bagan. The next stop after the hearty meal was PetroSains Dino Trek Exhibition at AEON Seberang Prai City Shopping Centre, Bandar Perda. Here the participants learned about dinasours through interative games. The two activities that the participants enjoyed most were matching pictures of bones on a touch screen to form a dinasour and shooting balls into a dinasour's mouth.

Before returning to the Island, the participants stopped by a Paintball arena in Bukit Minyak to try a hand at target-shooting. Here the participants also watched how a paintball competition was held.

That night, there were a barbecue campfire. The participants joined in the dancing and singing session which was led by the Scouts from SMK Jalan Damai. It was a memorable night for the Special Scouts.

The three days' camp ended with Mdm. Loh Siew Heoh, the Vice President of Penang Cheshire Home, giving out certificates of attendance to the participants and certificates of appreciation to the volunteers at the closing ceremony.



5th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree 2010

The 5th Penang Cheshire Agoonoree was held from 9th to 12th June 2010. This agoonoree was held in Malacca as requested by the participants of the 3rd Penang Cheshire Agoonoree who had enjoyed themselves tremendously in the Cameron Highlands. 40 Special Scouts from Penang Cheshire Home, Penang Cerebral Palsy (Spastics) Children’s Association, and School for the Mentally Retarded accompanied by 40 volunteers and regular Scouts participated in this agoonoree.

Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was held at the Penang Cheshire Home. Dato' Seri Khoo Keat Siew, the President of Penang Cheshire Home, welcomed the scouts and guests. The opening ceremony was officiated by YB Koay Teng Hai, ADUN Pulau Tikus. Immediately after the ceremony, the scouts set off by bus for the Lost World of Tambun.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010
They reached their first rest stop at lunchtime. After eating the delicious chicken rice which was sponsored by IPOH RIVERVIEW CLUB BRANCH OF LIONS CLUB OF SUNWAY, they had a fun time at the petting zoo and at the amusement park in the Lost World of Tambun. However, they spent more time at the petting zoo where they touched and fed the animals especially the raccoons. At the amusement park, a number of thrill-seeking scouts tried out the “Dragon Flight”, a swing-chair ride. They were rewarded with a spectacular aerial view of the park as they spun around! Others, who were tired out, took the “Adventure Express”, the Lost World Train that took them on a journey past majestic ruins, surging water and wild tigers. At the hot spring, the scouts had a feel of the rather high earth temperatures while sitting beside the pool and splashing water playfully at each other as they were not allowed to take a dip in the natural spring-fed pool for safety reasons.

After an exciting experience at the Lost World of Tambun, they continued their journey to the Spastics Children Association of Selangor & Federal Territory where they spent the night.

Thursday, 10 June 2010
The tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, awaited their arrival. They had the time of their lives in Aquaria observing the aquatic animal exhibits. They also had the opportunity to touch some of the marine life. After lunch, they journeyed on to the historic town of Malacca. Dinner was at SMK Methodhist (ACS). After dinner, the scouts were special guests at a campfire conducted by the Malaccan Scouts of SMK Methodhist. A representative from the Penang Special Scouts Contingent was given the honour of torching the cauldron to signal the start of the campfire. From the cauldron a flaming ball of fire bounced down a strip of bamboo, onto a pile of wood and ignited it with a loud whoosh.

Friday, 11 June 2010
The day was spent in the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Malacca. The first activity was a 45 minutes boat ride down the Malacca River. Motor launches ferried the scouts past old villages and modern day buildings. Next the scouts were thrilled by a ride in the glass cabin of the Taming Sari Tower, the first and only gyro tower in Malaysia. The glass cabin revolved as it rose to the top of the tower. During the 7 minutes ride, the scouts were rewarded with a panoramic view of Malacca Town. At the top, they became visibly excited when they could recognize the Malacca River which they had encountered earlier in the day.
The next stop was The Royal Malaysian Navy Museum (Muzium TLDM). The scouts checked out the exhibits which included photographs of admirals, medals of honour, various ranks in the naval command, the naval uniforms, naval weapons and communications equipment. The scouts were mesmerized by the helicopter in the museum and lots of photos were taken. The next segment of the tour was “free and easy” whereupon the scouts could choose to shop at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall or to visit the nearby popular tourist icons such as A’ Famosa and The Stadthuys. When night fell, they went for a stroll down Jonker Street, well-known for its heritage buildings, antiques and local delicacies. As it was their final night in Malacca, the scouts spent their money freely, savouring the delicious food and purchasing lots of souvenirs to take home.

Saturday, 12th June 2010
Breakfast was followed by a short closing ceremony where certificates were given out to the scouts and a souvenir was presented to a generous donor from Malacca.


We would like to thank our sponsors and all the volunteers especially the Scouts from SMK Jalan Damai for their assistance in making this Agoonoree a success.



World Scouts Day at Wisma Pengakap, Penang

On 1st August 2009, four Special Scouts from Penang Cheshire Home visited their brother Scouts who were participating in the World Scouts Day Celebraion which was held at the Penang Scouts HQ. Below are some photos of the events.


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