Penang Cheshire Home


Handicraft section

Among all activities, handicraft is the most popular activities in Penang Cheshire Home. The handicraft team is led by Ms Salinder who is an occupational therapy assistant.

She has 8 physically disabled residents and daycare members under her supervision and each of them demonstrate different talents. Each of them is able to produce two types of handicraft.

The more saleable items are the sausage dog, clown, cross stitches pencil bag, hand towel and ring clown. Upon the sale of the craftwork, the resident or member will be paid a 50% of what he or she has done or made.

Besides selling the handicraft at the Penang Cheshire Home, the physically handicapped residents and members also sell their craftwork products to the public at the following venues in an ongoing basis :-

Every last Sunday of the month from 8am to 4pm at Upper Penang Road

Below is a range of samples of the handicraft work from this section. For further enquiries, kindly refer to Contact Us page.

You can either purchase our handicraft items or donate to our handicraft section. Your contribution will definitely help and motivate our handicraft team to carry on and carry out their work more effectively. If you wish to donate, kindly click on the donate button below and you are on your way to make this cause more worthwhile.

We thank you in advance for your support, time and monetary contribution. Thank you once again.